Social Media: Just Like Dating For Your Business by @LynnCrandon

When I launched my copywriting business, the message was loud and clear—get your butt on social media. The overwhelming opinion smacking me full in the face (open palmed) was that a savvy social media presence was no longer an option, it was a business requirement. And businesses that weren’t jumping on the chuck wagon? […]

Back To School / Work Social Media Success Formula

It’s that time of year folks! People of all ages have returned from holidays headed back to school and work. It’s time to refocus our attention and prioritize what our social media goals are for the first semester and last quarter of the year.


#Tectoria Celebrates Technology with Robots & Whales

When you put flying whales, late night comedy, shooting cannons, awesome music and around 700 technology geeks together in one room for an awards show this is what happens.


It’s On Like Donkey Kong At Social Media Camp 2013 #SMCamp

I am so pumped about Social Media Camp 2013 starting May 6, 2013 here in beautiful Victoria, BC. We are about to embark into Canada’s biggest Social Media Conference. Below, I’ve assembled lists of some of the awesome sessions available. You can “vote up” the ones you’re looking forward to, or let me know […]

Relationship Status Update = HR and Marketing “Married”

Your HR department, along with the powers of social media, is your most valuable asset today.  Marketing and the human resources departments must work together to socialize the workforce both internally and externally. C’mon! It’s time for marketing and HR to quit this “dating” thing and get hitched. […]

How To Find Facebook Friends on Google+ & Twitter

Great News Friends. Here’s a new, October 2013, updated method to find your Facebook friends that are also on Google+ or Twitter.


Entrepreneur’s Guide To Make Sales Fun and Profitable

At one point or another, we are all challenged to sell ourselves, our ideas, products or services. Whether it’s pitching your start-up to investors, selling your technology software application or applying for a job selling yourself does not need to be scary or difficult. Let’s jump into how I, and many people just like you, have been able to make sales fun and profitable.


Super Charge Your Instagram Presence in 60 Seconds

Do you use Instagram? Does a massive amount of “Likes” and engagement interest you? Fantastic, I imagined so. Today I will show you a very simple way to Super Charge your Instagram presence. Oh, and the good news it takes less than 60 seconds.


Positive on Purpose = Social Media Success

One thing I experience and know to be true in my world is this: By consistently being and thinking positive we attract the people and opportunities into our lives that will help us reach our goals, experience success and live a happy life. […]

Leveraging Social Media For Your Business

I had an awesome opportunity this week to do a Social Business presentation for the RBC Royal Bank and some of their valued business clients. I thought I’d share with you my presentation and some of the highlights, in hopes to provide some value and insight into the wonderful world of Social Media.


Social Business: Love At First Sight? [Podcast]

Hey, it’s Social Media Sean here. Sean is my name, and social media is my game! Today, I’m going to be talking about how to become a social business and why that’s so important. […]

Twitter: Discover. Decode. Connect.

Today I’m going to be showing you why I think Twitter is one of the best pre-qualifying tools ever. Whether you’re in HR, recruitment, sales, marketing, business development or a business owner, it’s more important that you recruit and build relationships with people that fit with your culture and your beliefs. I’m going to show you how, with a few easy steps, you can gain valuable insights from twitter that will help you make better decisions.

How To: Rock Twitter Chats On The Go

Have you ever tried to do a Twitter chat from your iPhone? Some of the apps certainly don’t make it very easy. The good news is that I’ve gone through and found what I think is the best app for twitter chats and what I’ve been using for quite some time. That’s Echofon, or Echofon Pro for the iPhone. I’m going to get into details today about why I think it’s the best and a few key features that will help you have successful twitter chats from your iPhone. […]

Pin like a Pro on Pinterest for iPhone

If you love Pinterest, then you just might love pinning from the iPhone Pinterest App as well. In this weeks video tutorial I show you how you can be pinning like a pro while surfing the mobile web in no time. Enjoy!


How to Record your iPhone / iPad Screen [Video]


Display Recorder (iTunes Store)

UPDATE: The current version of this app allegedly is very expensive and does not work the same as my demo.

I currently DON’T recommend purchasing the app.

UPDATE: Display Recorder APP is currently unavailable in the iTunes store. I will be posting some other options soon.

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Show me the Money ~ Jerry Maguire [ROI of Social Media]

Hello and welcome back it’s Social Media Sean here. The other day I was watching one of my favorite movies – Jerry Maguire. You know that scene where Tom Cruise is yelling at the top of his lungs “Show me the Money!”? […]