How To: Rock Twitter Chats On The Go

Have you ever tried to do a Twitter chat from your iPhone? Some of the apps certainly don’t make it very easy. The good news is that I’ve gone through and found what I think is the best app for twitter chats and what I’ve been using for quite some time. That’s Echofon, or Echofon Pro for the iPhone. I’m going to get into details today about why I think it’s the best and a few key features that will help you have successful twitter chats from your iPhone. […]

How to Record your iPhone / iPad Screen [Video]


Display Recorder (iTunes Store)

UPDATE: The current version of this app allegedly is very expensive and does not work the same as my demo.

I currently DON’T recommend purchasing the app.

UPDATE: Display Recorder APP is currently unavailable in the iTunes store. I will be posting some other options soon.

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Tops Charts For Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S have out-staged all previous records by topping a million says Apple. […]