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#SocialTimeTV Special Edition Interview with Jessica Miller-Merrell

Today is an awesome day at Social Time TV. In a Special Edition interview I speak with Jessica Miller-Merrel, SPHR aka Blogging4Jobs about her exciting new adventure in the HR Technology space called Workology. Jessica shares insights on how to build relationships in the world of Social HR [Human Resources] and some key marketing mistakes [...]

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer WFH? #SocialTimeTV

Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of #SocialTimeTV. This week Greg Viloria and I discuss what is up with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer WFH (Work From Home) policy changes, some exciting new Facebook Apps and HOW TO use the new Facebook Follow. […]

Fashion Gets Social while Facebook Gets a VoiceLift #SocialTimeTV

It’s #SocialTimeTV Episode 7 and my fellow social technology geek friend Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) and  I Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) give you the social network weekly updates from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and others. In this episode, we cover vertical Social Fashion Network – Polyvore, Facebook Messenger, what Facebook is doing with Gowalla, a Google+ / [...]

Twitter to Kred, It’s Not Me It’s You #SocialTimeTV

Social Time TV presents the 5th episode of “This Week in Social Tech” hosted by myself Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg). We discuss  the weekly updates from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In this episode, we talk about Twitter’s API battle with Kred, FBs lighten’s the Zynga Anchor, LinkedIn wants to tell you what skills your need [...]

#SocialTime Show: This Week in Social Media

 Today on the Social Time Show we talk about the latest updates to your favorite social media networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. We look at the big leap Facebook made into the social job search and recruiting space with Facebook job boards. Also, we take a hands on look at Thinglink, Facebook Mobile and [...]

#SocialTime Show: “Battle of the Photo Sharing Giants”

This week on the Social Time Show “Battle of the Photo Sharing Giants” we discuss the latest news and updates from some of the largest photo sharing sites online today. Including: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Who is your favorite to win? […]

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Social Time: On Your Marks, Get Set, LinkedIn!

Welcome to our first episode of the Social Time Show. This week we discuss a big week for LinkedIn with Klout like behavior and thought leaders get LinkedIn Blog time. We also talk about Facebook becoming more “giving.”, Twitter surveys and Facebook open source. My social media tip of the week is about how to optimize [...]