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UPDATE: How To Import Facebook Contacts Into Twitter

UPDATE: How To Import Facebook Contacts Into Twitter


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare and Linkedin are just a few of the popular social networks that work best when they are connected together.Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare and Linkedin are just a few of the popular social networks that work best when they are connected together. Twitter is a very important social network for you to understand if you are in business or just like to be able to connect with the world in real time. Unlike Facebook and many of the other similar social networks twitter is public. The reason this is so important is that in order to reach the key influences and your target market you need to leverage the open nature of twitter to find those people. Below I have done up a tutorial to help you increase your twitter influence and active connections. If you are newer to social media marketing regardless of your background you are in luck because now a days it’s not how much you think you know but how quickly you can learn and apply that knowledge. This tutorial may be a really good investment of your time especially if you have a large Facebook network. You will need a Yahoo mail account to make this work but once you set that up it is pretty straight forward. I am always happy to help so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Yahoo Help Article http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=en_US&y=PROD_MSNG&page=content&id=SLN4921

Contacts that are tagged as Facebook contacts cannot be exported from Yahoo! Contacts. Any contact that you imported through your Facebook account will initially be marked as a Facebook contact, and that tag will only be removed if you edit the contact within Yahoo! Contacts. If you edit a Facebook contact’s information, or merge it with an existing contact, the Facebook tag will be removed, and you will be able to export it along with your other contacts.

Note: Once the Facebook tag has been removed from a contact, the contact will still appear in the Facebook list of your Yahoo! Contacts. You can tell if a contact is a Facebook contact by opening it; Facebook contacts will have a banner at the top that says “This is a Facebook contact.”

I have also tried to use Hotmail and would not recommend this at the time.
I will not stop searching for our a better way to import contacts into Twitter and the other major networks from Facebook.
If you have found a work around please share with us.

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Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean)

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