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They told you to play it safe!


They told you to choose a career that gives you security.

They told you that dreamers are foolish and just aren’t ready to grow up.

Because if you take that risk, you might fail….

But what they don’t say, is that you might also succeed.  And then, your dreams will become your reality.

Because for some of us, not trying is the biggest failure of all. 

So let’s get busy shall we?



Long gone are the days when a big company with a big advertising budget can greedily reap all the attention and corral all the customers.  Together, we’ll market and brand you – creating customer relationships built on trust and loyalty.  We suss out every aspect of your business, snapping on the latex gloves and digging deep to find out what works, and what doesn’t.  We’ll deconstruct down to the bare bones, and then recreate, revamp, and revitalize:

Your Brand and Business Identity — Uniquely you, making you instantly recognizable, showcasing your razor-sharp talent, and illustrating what makes you the obvious choice in a sea of competitors.

Your Marketing Message – You need to capture, compel, and downright seduce.  We’ll work with you to create a directed approach to business, and help you articulate that message effectively to your target market in a straightforward, honest manner that will create trust and get your business noticed.  We will help you understand your target customer so we can then effectively bull’s-eye your marketing where it will benefit you the most – allowing you to take your business from unassuming to unparalleled.

Your Website – That picture of you on the beach in Cabo with no pants?  Yeah, that’s got to go.  We’ll also ensure that your website is intuitive, easy to navigate, and social media friendly.   We can gussy it up with eye catching graphics that make your website reflect the professional entrepreneur you are.



Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, & Instagram – We’ll demystify these tools (and more), and help you utilize them to build your brand and allow your business to blossom.  We can even provide ongoing services to keep your business on the cutting edge, current, and always connected to your customers.

Blogging – Would your business benefit from a regularly updated blog?  We’ll determine if a blog will drive your business forward, or leave it in neutral.  We can implement your blog, and help you to maintain content and personal connections.

How your social media sites connect and interact with your website – These individual tools need to work synergistically, sending a strong, focused message to your potential customers and transforming them into actual customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — Does your website make Google happy (trust me, you want to make Google happy – he is one hard-nosed punk!).  This sweet little technique can drive web traffic right into your outstretched arms, rather than leaving it adrift in that vast internet ocean.  Let’s get a few sharks circling, shall we?

Active social media monitoring and engagement – This means we’re out there, in the social media sphere, listening to what people are saying, responding to comments they send your way, and ensuring that your customers stay engaged and interested in you and your business.  We keep an eagle eye on your competitors, and keep you one step ahead of them.  We monitor the traffic to your site to see where people are visiting the most, where they’re not, how long they’re staying, and how many pages they visit.  This allows us to detect any weakness in your website, and fix them.

Offline marketing – While we work in a virtual world, we can still appreciate the good ol’ value of paper in someone’s hands.  Certain customs have endured and held a timeless appeal, even in our digital age.  There are times where you need a glossy brochure or a crisp business card to press into a potential client’s palm.



Want to be the master of your own domain?  The skilled social media apprentice?  Awesome!  We provide training to anyone who is interested in taking a hands-on approach to their business branding and marketing.

Branding and Promotion – We can teach you how to use social media to effectively represent your brand online – locally and globally.

Seminars and Coaching – We provide group seminars or one-on-one coaching with a company representative to teach them to be an outstanding social media presence.  These can be conducted in person, or conveniently scheduled via Skype.  It’s that easy.  No travel or hotel expenses necessary to jack up the costs.

Software Utilization Training – There are a vast array of incredible tools available to help you promote your business.  We can teach you how to jazz up your site with new graphics.  Video is the hot new tool to promote your biz and allow people to see the face behind the brand.  There are countless media apps and avenues for video, and we’ll give you the ability to create and post these with ease.

Social Business Consulting – Perhaps your schedule is packed, your plate full to overflowing, and you need someone who can make the social media presence a reality for your company.  We can do that!  We will provide an ongoing presence for your company in the social media world and keep our thumb of the pulse of the market for you.  We will create, monitor, and update your social media marketing and branding, keeping you on top of new trends, and in touch with your clients’ needs.

Interest ignited?  Then let’s set your business, and income stream, on fire.

CLICK HERE, or simply put in your name and email address below, and I will contact you within 24 hours (let’s not waste any time!) to arrange your FREE consultation to get your business on the path it was meant to tread, and allow that dreamer to become the intrepid entrepreneur that pushes the boundaries and lives a life that feeds their soul as well as their wallet.

Your life, your success is waiting.

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